“Many voices, many ideas coming together as one to build strong communities. At Ce-Cg we value each idea to strengthen and shape the process of social change; think community wellness, think workforce development and continuing education; empowering one community at a time.  "

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Founded in 2017 and having served the general Washington, D.C. metropolitan area since our inception, we've continued to provide communities with the strategies to improve engagement among its members to be able to achieve their goals. Community Engagement and Consultation Group is a non-profit organization with the mission of building communities, business ventures, and other non-profit organizations to come together to push community engagement to the forefront of bringing positive change. 
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As a consultation group, we offer our wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the following agenda: workforce excellence, global initiatives, public relations, and community health. We work with schools, government institutions, non-profit organizations, as well as community centers.

Community Engagement & Consultation Group Inc. was founded in August 2017. Ce-Cg has a reputition of turning ideas into solutions that work for all. We care about the continuum of ideas through engagement, education, health and wellness as being the core of what makes strong communities. 

Community Engagement & Consultation Group Inc. is operated in Washington D.C, Maryland Metropolitan area. Since its first initiative in 2017, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with solutions. 

A consultation group with expertise in:
⦁ Workforce Training for Professional and Personal Growth
⦁ Excellent in Case Management
⦁ Public/Community Health
⦁ Public Relations
⦁ Global initiatives
⦁ Advocacy for Social Change.

Ce-Cg engages communities in a meaningful manner, builds trust you can count on, builds interpersonal relationships, capacity building and mobilizes communities; one voice, all voices, Ce-Cg will provide the services you need.
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Communities thrive when they work together to achieve the same goal.
With mutual respect, the desire to improve, and desire to make positive changes, we can help
improve the lives of people one day at a time.