“Many voices, many ideas coming together as one to build strong communities. At Ce-Cg we value each idea to strengthen and shape the process of social change; think community wellness, think workforce development and continuing education; empowering one community at a time.  "
Community Engagement & Consultation Group Inc is a non-profit with a 501c (3) status. Ce-Cg vows to build communities, businesses & other nonprofits by executing agendas through mobilization and capacity building. 

About Us

We were established in 2017 with the mission of creating an environment that promotes positive change in communities. Our vision is to be the industry leader in the implementation and continuity of community development. Our CEO and founder is Dr. Anita Mwalui, who is a public health specialist, wellness practitioner, and community health researcher. Dr. Mwalui has dedicated 10 years of her life to developing workable strategies to improve community engagement in communities that are hard to reach and suffering from lack of supportive services.

Her unique approach emphasizes the importance of culturally appropriate strategies, engaging communities to have a deep respect for other members in the surrounding environment. She collaborates with community partners who provide services for those who are underserved and uninsured. Dr. Mwalui's philosophy of one size never fits all, led her to regard individualized care as the essence of understanding the uniqueness of each individual; allowing her to provide custom-cut solutions that exceed expectations.
Meet the Team
Contact Information:
Contact Information:

Dr. Anita Mwalui  

Myles Mensah 

Founder and CEO 

 Director of Public Relations, Communication and Marketing

A Community Health Researcher, Public Health and Wellness Practitioner, who has spent a decade developing strategies to improve both community and population health. Knows Community Engagement more than anyone you have met. As an educator, her work presents as frontline that has led to many collaborations with both government and private sector.

Dr. Mwalui emphasizes the inclusiveness and awareness of multicultural strategies in engaging communities. Her vision is the core that connects people and strives to solve problems with a focus on actionable outcomes. Ce-Cg brands as a leader in community engagement and advises other nonprofits on how to engage communities. The inclusiveness approach is the matrix to the mission driven community engagement of Ce-Cg, a central home for your work-source-solutions.
An expert in providing communication strategies and teaches digital strategies. Myles manages a broad range of communications and public affair issues for private sector clients in many fields. He leads the communications strategy overseeing the development, production, and design of Ce-Cg publications, websites, blogs, and other products.

His skills and areas of expertise include:
⦁ Social media strategy
⦁ Relationship building
⦁ Process formation and implementation
⦁ Presentation design
⦁ Document layout

He has also gained considerable experience in assembling and managing alliances to meet communications and public affairs objectives.
Contact Information:
Contact Information:

Erica Bailey 

Sheyy Page

Associate Director Editorial Services

Associate Consultant Knowledge and Management

Erica Bailey is the senior writer/editor with Ce-Cg Communications department. She leads the editorial services team, which creates thoughtful and engaging content that advances Ce-Cg’s mission. Ms. Bailey is a subject matter expert throughout the organization to develop impact profiles, reports, news-out-lets, other publishing.
Oversees the development and implementation of projects and leverages the intellectual content generated within Ce-Cg and its partners. This includes illuminating cross-project opportunities, leveraging learning and best practices across Ce-Cg. Mr. Page is a field expert and influencer in project management.
Contact Information:

Lynn Haynes

Business Operations Data Analyst

  • Provides expertise in data storage structures
  • Translates numbers and facts to inform strategic business decisions
  • Analyzing data into narrative reports
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